Clients shouldn't have to worry about limitations and incompatibilities. Put the stress of computers, networks, hardware, software and security behind you. Enjoy peace of mind and and optimum productivity for you and your staff. Manage your business, not the network.

We provide exceptional service and superior technical support, so clients can concentrate on business priorities. Just a Byte makes it all work - all the time.

We optimize computers for increased performance and productivity - on a typical system, up to a 3x increase in speed and performance. On brand new machine straight from the manufacturer, up to a 2x increase in speed and stability.

Another component of speed is efficiency. We set computers up to work for you versus you changing how you work in order to use your computer. Which, isn't that why we have them in the first place?

We resolve computer issues effectively and efficiently, utilizing the most advanced techniques available. Using our own unique remote support solution,  we connect to Windows & Linux systems within minutes with absolutely no work or tedious tasks for our clients to perform in order to connect. We install no software on your system, and do not open up any ports or "doors" that could pose a security risk. Although you can use the software to connect to us anytime, we cannot connect without your invitation, which means no network vulnerability to hacking or intrusion.

  • Advanced Secure Remote Support
  • We can login to assist, teach and repair your systems
  • Utilizes 128-bit data encryption
  • Problems are quickly addressed and resolved
  • Minimizes staff & system downtime
  • You initiate the sessions when needed
  • No need to install any software
  • No hidden programs slowing down computer performance
  • Your system is secure with no added vulnerabilities
  • No need to configure or change system settings
  • Also available for remote software program installation / upgrade
  • Service available after-hours and weekends, to minimize business disruption