Jared Levi Howell
Just a Byte
(480) 626-5633

Mailing Address:
4314 S Myrtle St
Spokane, WA  99223

Our clients can expect professional, prompt and consistently superior service, which we've found to be less and less common in our industry. We are very small and plan to remain that way (i.e by small, we mean just us, Jared & April). We were married in 2001 and have four beautiful daughters. We have an active life, and enjoy the practical applications of advanced technologies.

We know all of our customers and provide personalized service. We have great personalities and conduct ourselves with professionalism. We are not normal nerds or computer techs - we are real people who are passionate and enthusiastic about technology. We provide real solutions based on what our customers want and need, not just the "next new thing" but practical, convenient solutions that you will wonder how you ever lived without.

We charge $98 per hour and accept cash, checks, all major credit cards and paypal.