Clients shouldn't be required to become hardware and network experts. With so many options - work computer, home computer, laptop, PDA, cell phone, printer, fax, website, email, calendar, contacts - who can take advantage of it all?

We specialize in integration. Add a contact to your address book at work. Update a task list at home. Make an appointment on your laptop. Synchronize with your PDA. Whatever you want to do. Access your information anywhere, anytime. We make it work for you - quick, easy and convenient.

We have built our business with Research and Development cycles in mind. We are constantly evaluating new technologies - hardware such as computers, laptops, cell phones, cameras, headphones, GPS, MP3/iPods, etc. and applications such as online data storage, photo editing, large file transfer, shared work projects, etc. We invest money and time in evaluation, in order to provide custom solutions and recommendations for our clients that we know work. If you've heard of something new being "released" chances are we've been using it, testing it, and already have practical and efficient solutions built around it (if it's good, that is)